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    Jan 28


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    Are you looking to make an extra buck?

    Answer the phone and make money for the advice you give. Whether you specialize in psychic readings, tarot, love or other offerings, listing your psychic services on KEEN has many benefits.

    Sound easy, well why not give it a try?

    Concept: Get paid to give advice online and make money from home

    Availability: No geographical restriction, anybody can join.

    Payment Type: You’ll receive payment via Express Pay, direct deposit or check.

    Popularity: Keen.com has 18845 traffic rank in world by alexa. Keen.com is getting 58370 page views per day and making USD 177.56 daily.

    Set your own hours and price per minute. You also have control over your availability. Just sell your advice & let Keen do the rest. Make a difference in other peoples lives. Learn more about how Keen works. It is free and easy to sign up

    Simply Sign up here

    Please come back and comment on how this advice site or the ones below work out for you.

    More Site Sites That Pay You For Your Advice

    JustAnswer: With over 20 million user base, is a great place to get paid for what your knowledge. Basically you simply answer questions that are priced from around $5 to up to $25 and sometimes a lot more. If the customer accepts your answer, then he/she will pay for it which will be then deposited to your just answer account. Once you have reached the amount of $20.00, you can cash out via PayPal. You can set your own hours and work whenever you have the time. More time means more Money.  I think it’s a fun and easy way to make a few bucks.

    This website is where student’s come when needing help with an academic or technical subject. If you believe you have the expertise you can sign up and start receiving %80 commission and will be paid via PayPal.  Once you sign up, you would then search for student’s questions. Once you find one that you have knowledge about then write up a tutorial for that question. Your tutorial will stay there forever. This is great because you can earn from your tutorial over and over again.

    Werlive: Werlive is a video chat advice website. You create tutorials and post photos. You can even make money when you’re not online. This website also has a great referral system. You earn 60% of what the person who you referred to the site. The pay is $0.98-$9.80 per minute. You earn more when your customer gives you a good rating.

    Duno: Duno is a social network site that pays. Get paid to answer questions get involved in discussions. The more discussions you create and participate in, the more everyone on Duno earns. Minimum amount to reach to cash out is $5.

    Who knew you could make money using your computer to give your advice! You also help others in sharing your knowledge. These sites listed can help you earn money and leave you with a great feeling that you were able to help someone and get paid for it.

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    My name is DeDee. I am a stay at home mom, that makes money online. I have created this website to help other stay at home mothers or fathers to learn how to make a buck and save a buck. This will help with household finances.

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    How do I get started?

  2. Well that would depend on which website you are trying to sign up to in order to make money. I will try to help you as long as you let me know which website you have choose.

  3. thank you

  4. Your Welcome!

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