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  • How to Make and Sell an eBook

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    Feb 14


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    Are you wondering how to make and sell an eBook? Well it’s a lot easier than you think. All you need is Microsoft word or another similar program along with an imagination.

    Start by writing down your table of contents. These will be your chapters. Use these as a guide. Your eBook doesn’t have to be long or short. The length is up to you. Just be sure that you do your best to produce all that you need to in order to satisfy your buyers. Be sure to use keywords to target your potential buyers.

    People who like to read, like to read more from authors who produce a well written eBook. Therefore be sure to use proper paragraphs, headers and footers. Also add a cover. Make it stand out! Have fun with it.

    Once you are ready to place your chapters in order and you are in the program of your choice. Simply choose a layout that you like. The standard that fits most computers are 5.5 inches wide to 8.5 inches high. Also choose your font size. As a word of advice don’t use fancy fonts. Use a font that is clear and easily readable. Be sure to make your file non-writable. This way no one can edit the file. One more thing, be sure to name any images if you choose to use them.

    Once you are done. Save to PDF file. You want to choose this file for a few reasons and one of them is because it is readable to both PC and Mac users.

    How to make my eBook copy write?
    Most people don’t realize that once you write an eBook, you ARE the author, you own it. All rights are yours. However you still might want to register your writings. This would help any lawyer in having a better case on your behave if your content is stolen.

    If you don’t have the money to register, you can take another measure to help secure your writing. Place this on a page at the front and the back of your eBook.

    All rights reserved
    Copyright © (your Name)
    No part of this eBook can be copied or sold

    By doing this it may help others to think twice about stealing your content. Be sure to print and save a copy onto a UBS stick.

    How to sell your eBook Online?
    You can sell it on Ebay, Amazon or learn how to sell on Kijiji free classifieds. However if you are not comfortable in using your credit card to sign up to a couple of these sites, you can use a program at indieaisle.com. There are many sites like these online. Just search for them and add yourself to as many as you can.

    Indieaisle.com makes it easy for you to set up your eBook for selling online. However they do take 20% of your sale. Meaning you get 80% of the profit per sale. Which I think is very reasonable. You still own all rights to your writings and they also provide you with a link and a widget to help boost your sales. You get paid by check made out to the name and address that you have set up in your account settings. Payments are sent out ever three months, however you can request change in payment schedule.

    Lastly if you have a website that promotes your writings then add yourself to DOMZ directory.

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  1. Hey this is cool!!! I am a big fan of ebooks… I got a Kobo for xmas from my boyfriend and I am in love with it!!! With the Kobo I meant… well my boyfriend too!! ;) Seriously, I was thinking of writing a children’s book and maybe doing the ebook way would be a good idea…

  2. Sounds like a great idea!

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