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    Mar 12


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    Are you someone who is looking to make money and have that money deposited right into your PayPal account? Then have a look at these awesome sites listed below. All of them I have tested out and they all have paid me. You don’t have to cash out in PayPal redemption as other gift card offers are available as well. The choice is yours. Each site is about making money viewing advertisements, taking surveys and doing tasks. Each website below is different as some have games raffle tickets and contests.

    ClixSense: You can earn by,
    View Advertisements- usually 3 seconds long
    Tasks- Do simple tasks
    Surveys- Take surveys
    Games- The games are there for fun only however sometimes you can enter in contests to earn.
    ClixGrid- This is where you click on the picture grid and if you click in the right spot you win $5.00 you can play once a day.

    PaidTheFastest: You can earn by,
    Contests- You can participate into contests that run periodically.
    Jackpot- Enter to win
    Raffles- Where you can enter to win prizes such as (the latest) a new PlayStation Vita
    Offers- Complete offers to earn more points towards a PayPal or other giftcards
    Referrals- EASY Referral program they have setup. 1 level of downline.

    CashCrate:  Make money fast and the easy way!
    Get paid to search, Watch videos,daily surveys, free Get Paid To Do Free Offers!cash offers & cash back from shopping. Money grows on tress at cashcrate.

    These two sites are combined as one. Let me explain,
    Point2Shop is earn points for giftcards.
    Cashle is to cash out in PayPal money.
    You use the same username and password for both sites.
    Earn by doing the following
    Lucky Lottery
    Make sure you log into the right website that you want. Remember one is to earn points for giftcards and the other one is to earn PayPal cash. They look exactly the same and have the same ways to earn.

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    My name is DeDee. I am a stay at home mom, that makes money online. I have created this website to help other stay at home mothers or fathers to learn how to make a buck and save a buck. This will help with household finances.

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  1. hi there, i wonder if its there any for malaysian to get involve with this kind of superb survey n get to generate some penny.

  2. w8w
    I am not sure what sites have ways for Malaysians to earn online. I will try to have a look and if i come across any that are useful i will post about them. Thank you for visiting my site!

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