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    Mar 5


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    Let me introduce to you the latest website where you can earn PayPal money along with other money making opportunities. If you are a SwagBucks Fan then you will love CantBeatfree. It is very similar but it is better in the sense that you can earn points faster and your GC is received within approximately 24 hours. So in short you can earn points faster and get paid faster.

    Let me explain how it works. First you sign up and earn 25.00 pts right away. Then you can start earning more pts by doing the following:

    Complete Offers
    To complete offers all you do is click on ”earn points”. You can choose from
    anyone of these offers below.

    Can`t Beat Free
    Radium One
    Super Rewards

    Surveys and Daily Tasks for Points
    You can choose which ones are good for you on Payment or Peanut Wall

    Crowd Flower
    Peanut Lab
    Payment Wall

    Complete 10 offers and you will see a BONUS BAR for reward of 25.00 pts. Offers range from Facebook applications to simply tasks.

    Email Sign-Ups
    This is where you sign up for different things. You will earn points fastest using this option and it is easy to do. I would suggest using an email that you don`t mind “junk mail” sent to. Account has to be real. Using a made up one will not work.

    Watch Videos
    Sounds easy enough and it is. Earn points for watching videos. It just doesn’t get any easier than this. Again if you are a swagbucks fan, you will see that their videos are quicker for earning points. But all in all it is free easy money.

    Complete 3 offers per week to earn points to play games. You can earn more points by playing these games.

    Earn more points by finding “codes” every Monday.

    Live Help
    This part I am sure you will like, there is a help /chat bar which is there for chat or help with any questions that you may have 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It is located to the right side of the website.

    Well there you have it another legit way to make money online. Get rewarded for everything you do!

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    My name is DeDee. I am a stay at home mom, that makes money online. I have created this website to help other stay at home mothers or fathers to learn how to make a buck and save a buck. This will help with household finances.

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